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Uphill Rush21,284
Impossible Quiz20,102
Super Crazy Guitarman17,979
Drag Racer 216,954
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  1. 2012-12-29 - Angry Birds Games
    It has been awhile and I have added a few Angry Birds games for you to play! Check them out below! Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

  2. 2009-09-15 - Few More Games
    Added a few more new games for you guys to play. Enjoy

  3. 2009-02-03 - 7000+ More new Games
    We have added more than 7000 new games for you to play. We have now OVER 10,000 flash games. Go play like crazy now! If you see any errors on any games, please report those games so we can fix them asap. Thanks. GzP Arcade Admin.

  4. 2009-01-29 - More New Games
    After a long break, it is time to add more new games. I already added 5 new games. More to come!

  5. 2008-04-06 - Posting Spree!
    I have nothing better to do so I"m going to be doing
    A Game Posting Spree!

    If you would like to make any requests of games
    please email me at
    ----| Derkel

  6. 2008-02-19 - Cartoons Added [19.02.08]

    I've started with the new category called Cartoons. Enjoy!



Latest Content

Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2
You were able to learn how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams.
More Shooting Games
Hired Heroes Hired Heroes
Tactical game based on not serious fantasy story.
More Action/Adventure Games
Flying Cookie Quest Flying Cookie Quest
Launch Rocket Panda into the land of Cookies.
More Shooting Games
Tricky Rick Tricky Rick
Help Rick to collect all the stolen fuel to refuel his spaceship and fly away from the planet.
More Puzzle Games
Angry Birds Rio Angry Birds Rio
The Angry Birds have been captured, caged, and taken to Rio! There they meet new friends and work to
More Shooting Games
Angry Birds Space Angry Birds Space
A new adventure in space waiting you to conquer new planets and save the eggs of these birds. You wi
More Shooting Games

Action/Adventure Games

Escape from 1428 Elm StreetEscape from 1428 Elm Street
Walk around this scary dark house, explore different rooms: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen to find clues
Drakojan Skies 3Drakojan Skies 3
Lead the Omega Squadron against the hostile enemies in this third mission to protect the Drakojan te
Ice Cream ManiaIce Cream Mania
Feed them the correct icecream!
Big MoneyBig Money
The goal of Big Money is to become rich by collecting as many coins and Moneybags as you can. Good l

Sports Games

Golden Glove BoxingGolden Glove Boxing
Fight it out in the ring one-on-one style. Punch and knock out your opponent.
Ultimate Field GoalUltimate Field Goal
Try to kick a field goal in this game.
Lord Of The BoardLord Of The Board
A cool snowboarding game where you have to go up and down a ramp, like skaters do. All you have to d
Russian PinguRussian Pingu
Try to hit that red haired woman and fly her as far as possible. It's pretty funny.

Puzzle Games

A classic solitaire games using frogs as pieces. The objective is to remove all but one single frog!
Move the blocks around to free up your main block so it can get out of the jam.
Ring BearerRing Bearer
Who wants to be a millionaire style game with a Lord of the Rings twist.
Memory 3DMemory 3D
Memory game with 3D images

Shooting Games

Shoot the UFOs!
Target Practise with a twist - the targets are hanging on balloons!
Cowboy BulletCowboy Bullet
Help the cowboy bullet go through all the coins tossed up in the air, to score the maximum points an
Operation SaveOperation Save
Non-violent 3D action shooter game where you have to knock out pirates with a water gun. Use arrow k

Other Games

Pimp my WarthogPimp my Warthog
Customize you very own Wart Hog from the game Halo, add exhaust, neon, cannon, machine gun and more.
Go SantaGo Santa
Help Santa perfect his skiing skills.
Splat the mosquitos before they suck his blood
Arkanoid in pixelated and black& white screen

Racing Games

Park a Lot 2Park a Lot 2
Pick up people's cars. Get in, drive off, and park them in a stall. Then pick them up again later.
Drunk Driver ChampionshipDrunk Driver Championship
Get into the drunk driver championship and test how long you can last on the road after drinking! Th
Caravan RacersCaravan Racers
Race your caravan on 4 challenging tracks, Canyon, City, Park and Volcano to take pole position!!
Snow PlowSnow Plow
Race around the streets of Boston as you collect all the presents and sweep the city's streets clean

Girls Games

Fall in Love with FashionFall in Love with Fashion
Dress her up for a fun day on the playground.
Mane Attraction Pony Dress UpMane Attraction Pony Dress Up
Give a fabulous makeover to this beautiful horse!
Princess GownsPrincess Gowns
No wonder she looks like a princess. She has all those pretty gowns to choose from. Tryout the ones
Make Over PrankMake Over Prank
Makeover Prank: You browse through a fashion magazine and decide to give your brother a little make

Memory Games

Food MemoryFood Memory
Memorize the way the food is assorted and try to place it that way.
Match UpMatch Up
4x4 Memory game with Korean style comic!
Simpsons Memory GameSimpsons Memory Game
Simpsons Memory Card Game. Is your memory up for The Simpsons Challenge?
Southpark Memory HuntSouthpark Memory Hunt
Remember the pictures and find matching pairs before the time runs out!

Arcade Games

Saber ManiaSaber Mania
Battle against enemies with flash sabres or lightsabres, block hits and attack the enemy with slashe
Choose a guy or girl and run through the jungle, chop down logs, beat up enemies and kill the boss.
Destroy the planets. Use your arrow keys to move around and use the space bar to shoot.
Mario StarCatcher 2Mario StarCatcher 2
Collect the coins to reach the star to proceed to the next level.

Casino Games

Let It RideLet It Ride
This is one of the Casino games that make use of Poker rules.
Casino - Bad Kingdom In WaldCasino - Bad Kingdom In Wald
This is a Casino roulette game
Spin to WinSpin to Win
Single reel slot machine
Bad Kingdom In WaldBad Kingdom In Wald
The traditional roulette game in French and German.

Card Games

Card FrenzyCard Frenzy
Given a set of seven cards, guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the preceding one.
This is a simple card game see the rules on how to play.
Ronin SolitaireRonin Solitaire
Help the Ronin to win back his new Master's favor and become employed.
Move the cards in the field to the card at the bottom till the field is empty.

Role Playing Games

Red Devil RPG 2Red Devil RPG 2
Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and battle enemies.
Steppenwolf 14Steppenwolf 14
You and your friend have been tied and trapped...
Steppenwolf 22Steppenwolf 22
Steppen's adventure. Don't get shot!
Video Game SimVideo Game Sim
Roam the city earning points and win.

Board / Tile Games

Brain ForceBrain Force
Click on the tiles to flip them before the timer hits zero and explodes the board.
Bad AppleBad Apple
Minesweeper type game. Very colorful and quite difficult too!
3 In One Checkers3 In One Checkers
You have never played checkers like this before!
3d Chess3d Chess
The classic game of Chess in 3D. Can you beat the computer?

Gameshows / Trivia Games

Quiz Time with Chrono 4Quiz Time with Chrono 4
Chrono gives you a test on more backgrounds from Super Nintendo games.
Who Wants To Be Cartoon Fan QuizWho Wants To Be Cartoon Fan Quiz
Answer different questions about people from Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama and other shows.
Ultimate Zelda QuizUltimate Zelda Quiz
Answer questions about Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Majora`s Mask, and others!
Ultimate Video Game Quiz Challenge AtariUltimate Video Game Quiz Challenge Atari
Old school Atari! Think you know it? Take the quiz!

Learning Games

Add Like MadAdd Like Mad
Don't play this game if you hate mathematics - you have to Add Like Mad in this game!
You have limited time to add all the numbers, very challenging for your brain.
Geography Middle EastGeography Middle East
Show your knowledge of the geography of Middle East.
Geography Game AfricaGeography Game Africa
Educative game that makes the geography of Africa fun.

Zombies / Ghouls Games

Collect keys to open gates, and collect treasures. Don't get killed by the ghosts.
Boxville has been overrun by zombies! Escort the civilians to safety.
Corpses Of The 3rd ReichCorpses Of The 3rd Reich
Corpses of the III Reich is an amazing horror platform game! Read the instructions before playing!!!
Pumpkin RunPumpkin Run
Grab all the candy! Watch out for bats and ghosts. BOO!

Tower Defense Games

Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense
Monkeys Fight Creepy Bloons!
Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower DefenseNinjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense
Build Ninjas and defend one of three paths against evil invading pirates. 4 Ninjas have special abil
Flash Element TD 2Flash Element TD 2
Defend your elements from waves of monsters!
Easter Island TDEaster Island TD
Defend your island to the very last head.

Strategy Games

Construct farms to feed the dots, marketplaces to increase income, mines to prospect for iron and sm
Island Hop - The Real Giligan's IslandIsland Hop - The Real Giligan's Island
Help Gilligan get off the island by lighting fire before the passing ship disappears. Watch out for
Compact CatchCompact Catch
As a busy media executive, reach as many young affluent people as you can with the Indy Compact. Win
Tom and Jerry GamesTom and Jerry Games
Connect pieces to create a crazy contraption and help Tom finally catch Jerry in this Tom and Jerry

Skill Games

Falafel KingFalafel King
Make the food as fast as possible, these people are hungry!
Ball BalanceBall Balance
A frustrating game where you try to keep two balls from falling at once.
Japanese JelloJapanese Jello
Wack the Jello to keep it on the tray
Multiball is a game in which you must keep your circles away from the triangles. Sounds simple, exce




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