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Card FrenzyCard Frenzy
Given a set of seven cards, guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the preceding one.
You have 90 seconds to kill the people walking on the street. How many can you kill?
Casanova KisserCasanova Kisser
Make your kisses land on all the pretty girls and avoid all the ugly fatties.
Casse FOUCasse FOU
Classic arcanoid break out style game use your paddle and destroy the bricks with the ball.
Casse FOUCasse FOU
Classic arcanoid break out style game, use your paddle and destroy the bricks with the ball.
Arkanoid in pixelated black and white screen! Feels like in the old good days!
Castle CatCastle Cat
Guide your cat through the castle adventure. Fun game, and definitely worth a play.
Castle Cat 2Castle Cat 2
Play a cute cat, throw mace and fire cannon. Collect coin and avoid getting run over by cars
Juggle cats using your bat to gain points
Cat-Vac Catapult IICat-Vac Catapult II
You have been assigned once again to rid the Medieval Castle of the pesky cats
Catch FishCatch Fish
Catch fish?
Caterpillar SmashCaterpillar Smash
Smash the ugly caterpillar as they appear.
Caterpiller SmashCaterpiller Smash
Smash the caterpillars using the mallet as they pop up from their holes.
Try to break all the plates, just like a bull in a china shop!
Cave Escape 2Cave Escape 2
Use your speed and telekinetic powers to escape the cave!
Save your girlfriend from the evil prehistoric monsters! Throw mudballs with space and move with arr
Celebrity Smackdown 4Celebrity Smackdown 4
Give your favorite celebs a smackdown!
Protect the centrifuge at the center by shooting the balls that approach. Click the mouse to shoot.
Chase meChase me
This is a strange flash animation with a lot of suspense. This is the story of a young Ninja who is
Chasm TunnelChasm Tunnel
Get across the tunnel if you can. Further you get, the higher score you'll receive.
Check Point DeltaCheck Point Delta
The Military is at your disposal to find the bomb, you will be receiving further instructions en-rou
Chicken Across the RoadChicken Across the Road
Guide your chicken to the worms in a frogger type game.
A strange game where you have to guide the duck around onto the hearts to make them happy.
Stay alive and chomp as many worms as you can.
Choose a GirlChoose a Girl
Choose your favorite girls and watch her strips as you collect points by catching falling beer
Chopper DropChopper Drop
Destroy all the buildings by dropping bombs on them so you won't crash into the buildings.
Christmas CombatChristmas Combat
Select your Xmas characters and fight it out
Christmas CookiesChristmas Cookies
Make your own Christmas cookies. Decorate your gingerbread cookies by applying icing and coloring.Me
Christmas Gift ShopChristmas Gift Shop
Help reindeer in running his christmas gift shop. Send gift to his animals customers on time so that
Christmas SimonChristmas Simon
Put your short term memory to the test in this festive Christmas holiday game.
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